Get your LIQUID COURAGE of choice ready, set the music, and STREAM POUR SIP PAINT any time in the comforts of your own home with all the supplies mailed to you to.


Choose one of the plans and then...


We are still ironing out a few details but here's the scoop

Subscriptions boxes will include our standard Pour Sip Paint 11"x14" canvas, paint needed to complete the painting, instructional sheet with your video link. The Paint Crate will be shipped the first week of each month. Arrival dates will depend on your location, but please contact us if you do not see tracking info by the 5th. 


While you wait for your goodies, an email will be sent on the first of every month with a link to the video content. Videos will vary month to month depending on the project. You will have access to the current month's instructional video(s), video(s) on additional supply recommendations and setup, fun mini projects, and more during the month(s) of your subscription.


Please note that paint brushes, easels, cups, aprons and some of the regular items used in class are not provided in The Paint Crate. Additional supplies may be ordered from our Online Store. As our subscription list grows, we will offer more products, and fun exclusive Pour Sip Paint merchandise.

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