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We do all the work, you have all the fun, just Pour Sip Paint!



Your Fundraiser can make anywhere from $300 to $600+ or more depending on your enrollment with a minimum of 30 participants and one night of fun!


Painting Size: ONE 11x14 painting that you select from Pour Sip Paint’s private gallery listing after we have received deposit and signed contract.



  • Pour Sip Paint assists with advertising on a weekly basis for one month prior to event with over 2,000 Facebook Fans!

  • Your Fundraiser is posted on our Pour Sip Paint website which receives more than 10,000 unique visitors per month.

  • Pour Sip Paint provides the marketing images needed to help promote your event.

  • Pour Sip Paint provides all staff for paint party, table coverings, easels, aprons, painting supplies and 1 portable artist table.

  • No Hassles with Volunteers, Cleanup or Long Work hours associated with most fundraising events. You just secure the sales of tickets for 2 hours of Absolute Fun!

OPTION 1:  Pour Sip Paint Mobile Fundraiser 
Hire Pour Sip Paint as a Vendor for Your Fundraiser

What is included: **Painting Size: ONE 11x14 painting from one of Pour Sip Paint’s Original Works of Art. Pour Sip Paint provides all of the art supplies, instruction, staff for the paint party, aprons, 1 artist table, easels, table coverings, and instruction. *Pour Sip Paint also provides targeted advertising via Pour Sip Paint’s Facebook page. Your event will also be listed on the Pour Sip Paint website which attracts more than 1,000 visitors every month. We will also provide link to online method of payment of your choice.

COST: $20 PER PERSON {paid to Pour Sip Paint for supplies/instructor/travel cost/production crew} WITH 30 PERSON MINIMUM for Local Shows- approximate distance no more than 1.5 hours away. YOU DECIDE THE TICKET PRICE! $30-$40+ per ticket. We Recommend that Tickets sell for $30-39 {best recommended selling price-point} $10 per ticket is donated to Fundraiser. *This low price volume discount is available for NON-profit organizations only. *Distances greater than 2 hours away will have an increase in minimum number of participants. 

Your Responsibility: Sell Tickets and secure funds to pay Pour Sip Paint as your hired entertainer for your event. Provide a venue that is set up with tables, chairs, ac/heat and adequate lighting. **Party space needs to be furnished with empty tables and chairs at least 2 hours prior to event start time. Estimate one 6 foot table per 6 artists. (1 foot of table space per person) **Tables need to be clean and empty at beginning of setup for show. *The food and drinks are the responsibility of the party registrant. 

**Payment Process: $75 Deposit to secure the date with signed contract. You collect the ticket sales and pay Pour Sip Paint as a vendor for your event. *If you sell more than 30 tickets, confirmation of the total tickets sold is required no later than 2 days prior to the event, and payment in full for the confirmed amount is due the day of the event. If less than 30 (or Contracted Minimum # of participants) attend the session, the balance will be the responsibility of the party registrant with No Exceptions. (*Minimum of 50 for locations more than 2 hours away.)





Here is how it works:

We can simply add your fundraiser to an existing public event. - Typical fund-raised amount is $10 per ticket with this option. Pour Sip Paint retains $25 for each sale and you can add on an additional amount per ticket to be fundraised. Example: $35 ticket with $10 per ticket going to the fundraiser. **For legal reasons, all Fundraisers must be for official 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations when collecting funds from the public. Private Party option is the only option for special causes that are Not an official non-profit organization.


WHAT IS INCLUDED: **Painting Options that are listed with the Public Party of your choice. Pour Sip Paint provides all of the art supplies, instruction, staff for the paint party, aprons, 1 artist table, easels, table coverings, and instruction. Your event will be listed on the Pour Sip Paint website. **Pour Sip Paint does NOT provide paid Facebook advertising with this option. We will post your event on our Facebook wall and then it is up to the host to provide viral marketing support by sharing the event with your supporters of your event.

Pour Sip Paint sets up your Charity Event with a separate listing on the event page for your convenience. We handle all of the ticket sales and check-in for your convenience. Pour Sip Paint will then pay your charity the additional amount that was fund-raised on the night of the event.



1. Share the event with your friends and supporters through viral marketing to ensure ticket sales.

2. Provide Pour Sip Paint with your official non-profit documentation and marketing logos prior to event set up.

3. There are no up front deposits or payments are necessary for this option. 


Please Note: Fundraiser hosts should lead by example and buy the Fundraiser ticket price and encourage their supporters to buy the fundraiser tickets. Fundraiser marketing efforts are the responsibility of the Fundraiser host. Pour Sip Paint provides a complimentary listing on our website which does receive visibility from all those who see the event as a result from paid advertising with the public show listed at the online value discount price, however, we do not provide paid advertising for the specific fundraiser increased ticket price.

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